Oct 4, 2014

Through My Son's Eyes

Last week ended up being a rest week, I needed it mentally and physically. I took Monday-Friday completely off, slowed down and soaked up life and rest. {exhales}

I often think about the things my son will never know life without or before. He will never know the world pre 9/11, technology is expanding at breakneck speeds so who know what that will look like in just one more year (he already knows how to operate he's gma's ipad better than anyone).

My favorite thing is that he doesn't know me pre-running. I look up running as a stress management tool when he was about six months old and ran my first half marathon when he was 13 months old. He loves to talk about how mommy runs, and on the rare occasion my husband brings him to a run my son is over the moon! He even calls his tennis shoes running shoes.

My son looks up to me, it's one of many reasons I continue to run. Without saying it or being told he looks to me for guidance on what to do and how to do it. At three years old he knows running makes me happy. This is one of many important things I hope to teach him; working out is a normal thing you do, it helps keep you healthy and it's fun.

Something he's teaching me thought is that I am beautiful; the way he looks at me even after a long hard run (or half marathon) is nothing short of "you are beautiful to me". I work so hard to see things through his eyes, now it's time to see myself though the same perspective.

Just a little food for thought. Today I did a 5k fun run at 11 min/mi. Not too shabby.


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Charity said...

This made me tear up. So proud of you!