Jan 4, 2015

Oh Hey, Hello!

Sorry. Life has yet again gotten in the way.

Things are good, I've maintained my four mile base and I've been lifting a lot. I'm really loving BodyPump, I took it twice this last week and actually had to force myself to run on the track today. I'm beginning to understand why people fall in love with Crossfit! Now BodyPump is not Crossfit but after watching my body change in the last year I have to say seeing new areas tone up is slightly addicting! Lifting is really rewarding too in that I love that moment of I can lift more, one more rep! And the pride that comes from knowing I just did even 30 minutes of strength training, um yeah I like that!

This afternoon I decided it was time, I needed to run. And honestly I needed it mentally, there is no escape like running. When things aren't so great in my personal life I run, metaphorically, to running as my refuge. After eating my body weight in chocolate and snacks the last few weeks it was a slow start and the miles didn't come easily. I've been listening to podcasts which helps the time go by, step by step I chipped away and managed to do a 5k (3.1 miles) in just over 34 minutes. Certainly not my fastest but that's ok, not every run can be my fastest.

Speaking of being fast, 2014 was a really neat year for me speed-wise. I recently realized I ran my fastest 5k (29:59), my fastest 10k (1:12:31) and my fastest half marathon (2:39:59). So here it to 2015 and setting some big/scary goals; Full Marathon Sept 13, 2015!