Sep 26, 2014

Training and Life Lately

Life is so good lately that my little blog is already getting neglected. Meh. ;)

Let's see last week I had a good training week. It looked a little somethin' like this:

Weds-1 hr strength training (BodyPump!)
Thurs-5 miles with my work buddy again (I took the day off and left my son with my mother-in-law and scrubbed pretty much my entire house that should count for at least 5 more miles!)
Friday-I forgot I created a "Run at Work" event at work, only two (VERY SPEEDY) people showed up...and handed me my own booty, I'm still out of breath!
Sunday-I did a themed 5.5k with a friend that basically had sprinter intervals. I'll count that as my first and only speed word.ever.

My nutrition has been whack (in a bad way) lately. The Hubbs and I discovered a addicting show on netflix and have been watching it, like...well, we're addicted to it! Ha! So I've been snacking a ton and staying up way too late (note to self morning people should not marry night owls...kidding babe, kinda!)

This week was good (so far)

Tuesday-1 hr strength training (BODYPUMP!) with an instructor I'm not used to...I could barely walk the next day. Why does the pain feel good? Is there something wrong with me? Don't answer that.
Thursday 3 rough, slow miles. Every step was ouch.ouch.ouch
Saturday-I'm planning to take BodyCombat for the first time in almost a year, it will be nice to mix up my cardio
Sunday-a short run if the weather is kind (it's so unpredictable in MT!)

(I'm off on Fridays and spend them with my kiddo so it's almost always a rest day!)

Nutrition is mostly back on track, I'll always and forever snack and have treats (I never count healthy fats).  It was nice to have my annual doctors visit (no no that sounds weird, sigh) doctor praised me for maintaining my weight loss since having my son and adding strength training into my life. I think most people have (THANKFULLY!) forgotten how big I got with my son (I gained 60 pounds sad face).

Other than that life is good and full, we've been cramming as much fun into fall as we can, ya never know when it will snow in good 'ol Montana. Literally. Work is good and very busy. The three year old is amazing, and thankfully napping right now. I've got nothin' worth complaining about. for now.

Happy Friday,