Sep 6, 2014

When Plans Don't Work

Hello Hello!

Well, this week's plan simply didn't work out. I should know to expect this by now, with a demanding management job, a three year old and the whole marriage thing....

This week wasn't terrible fitness wise, I got 6.25 miles in on Monday, BodyPump (strength/weight training) on Wednesday and 3.5 miles Saturday (today). I there is hope for tonight and tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a hike in tonight and maybe another run tomorrow.

In January I started doing BodyPump (a Les Mills class) for some full body weight training, it's the only way I've ever lifted in my life and oh my to I love me some Pump! It's made me a much stronger runner (much to the dismay of my lungs who still have asthma!). And I gotta say the physical changes are nice too. But really it's feeling strong that is the best part, I can't really explain it but I freakin' love it.

Needless to say BodyPump will stay in the mix this fall/winter to help keep my endurance up as well as cardio outside as much as possible (and on the indoor track at my gym when not possible) for the goal of my first Full Marathon in July of 2015.

If there is anyone out there reading this, what are your goals? What is your favorite exercise and why is your favorite?

Much Love,