Sep 26, 2014

Training and Life Lately

Life is so good lately that my little blog is already getting neglected. Meh. ;)

Let's see last week I had a good training week. It looked a little somethin' like this:

Weds-1 hr strength training (BodyPump!)
Thurs-5 miles with my work buddy again (I took the day off and left my son with my mother-in-law and scrubbed pretty much my entire house that should count for at least 5 more miles!)
Friday-I forgot I created a "Run at Work" event at work, only two (VERY SPEEDY) people showed up...and handed me my own booty, I'm still out of breath!
Sunday-I did a themed 5.5k with a friend that basically had sprinter intervals. I'll count that as my first and only speed word.ever.

My nutrition has been whack (in a bad way) lately. The Hubbs and I discovered a addicting show on netflix and have been watching it, like...well, we're addicted to it! Ha! So I've been snacking a ton and staying up way too late (note to self morning people should not marry night owls...kidding babe, kinda!)

This week was good (so far)

Tuesday-1 hr strength training (BODYPUMP!) with an instructor I'm not used to...I could barely walk the next day. Why does the pain feel good? Is there something wrong with me? Don't answer that.
Thursday 3 rough, slow miles. Every step was ouch.ouch.ouch
Saturday-I'm planning to take BodyCombat for the first time in almost a year, it will be nice to mix up my cardio
Sunday-a short run if the weather is kind (it's so unpredictable in MT!)

(I'm off on Fridays and spend them with my kiddo so it's almost always a rest day!)

Nutrition is mostly back on track, I'll always and forever snack and have treats (I never count healthy fats).  It was nice to have my annual doctors visit (no no that sounds weird, sigh) doctor praised me for maintaining my weight loss since having my son and adding strength training into my life. I think most people have (THANKFULLY!) forgotten how big I got with my son (I gained 60 pounds sad face).

Other than that life is good and full, we've been cramming as much fun into fall as we can, ya never know when it will snow in good 'ol Montana. Literally. Work is good and very busy. The three year old is amazing, and thankfully napping right now. I've got nothin' worth complaining about. for now.

Happy Friday,

Sep 18, 2014

Reality Check: Slow down, love boldly

I came here to write about the last two weeks, excuses about not being able to post in hand. But first I stopped by the ol facebook and read a story a dear friend posted.

Click here to read Huffington Post (UK) Story

I wept as I read that story. I crammed five days of work into three days this week, I forced two hard workouts into less than 24 hours and took today off (sending 3yr old to Gmas so I could clean)....I rush and rush and rush around often forgetting that tomorrow is not a luxury granted to all....I lesson I learned first hand right after my son was born, but that my friends is a story for another day.

Click the link, read the story with tissues in hand and then go hug someone, anyone.

Much Love,

Sep 6, 2014

When Plans Don't Work

Hello Hello!

Well, this week's plan simply didn't work out. I should know to expect this by now, with a demanding management job, a three year old and the whole marriage thing....

This week wasn't terrible fitness wise, I got 6.25 miles in on Monday, BodyPump (strength/weight training) on Wednesday and 3.5 miles Saturday (today). I there is hope for tonight and tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a hike in tonight and maybe another run tomorrow.

In January I started doing BodyPump (a Les Mills class) for some full body weight training, it's the only way I've ever lifted in my life and oh my to I love me some Pump! It's made me a much stronger runner (much to the dismay of my lungs who still have asthma!). And I gotta say the physical changes are nice too. But really it's feeling strong that is the best part, I can't really explain it but I freakin' love it.

Needless to say BodyPump will stay in the mix this fall/winter to help keep my endurance up as well as cardio outside as much as possible (and on the indoor track at my gym when not possible) for the goal of my first Full Marathon in July of 2015.

If there is anyone out there reading this, what are your goals? What is your favorite exercise and why is your favorite?

Much Love,

Sep 1, 2014

Running Like a "Normal" Person

Last Thursday I had the privilege of running with my co-worker, Steve, a guy I've known more than ten years but just started working with one year ago. He's a funny guy, a tell-it-like-it-is but in a kind way guy. I like those kind of people since I wear my heart on my sleeve.

We met at work and headed out on one of my favorite paths with a plan of 5 miles. Steve had done a full marathon a few years ago but focuses mostly on strength training now. He is very much a brother-type which makes talking with him all that more enjoyable because you never know what we'll end up discussing! Even more fun he has three young boys so there is always some wisdom to be learned for raising my son! Shortly into our run we began chatting about my asthma (I had already apologized too many times knowing he could have good much faster without me and I would eventually have to walk). A moment or two went by and finally Steve asked, "why don't you see if you can take some type of medicine or something to help you Jen?" It was a sweet comment, but I let him know I've been on inhalers since I was 9 years old and just took mine before our run. And with each passing step our conversation waded off in different directions.

As I was getting ready yesterday (Sunday) I thought about that brief conversation, I sighed to myself "I'll just never run like a normal person". I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror for a moment and thought "my inhaler allows me to run, not fast but certainly far by most people's standards....and by some people's standards I do run fast...kinda. What does "normal" mean anyway?" It wasn't long before my pesky adorable three year old wanted someone to play trains with him so I didn't get much time to ponder my thoughts.

But really?! It's 2014, we know better than to admire pictures of women in magazines (any where really) because they are photo-shopped to heck. Why then do I still feel like such a fraud when it comes to calling myself a runner? Who, other than me-myself-and-I, says I'm not a normal runner? I doubt too many people would say that to my face. I mean I'm out there on the trails as often as I can be, it's certainly my workout of choice. I buy tons of running gear (literally all my fun money goes to running) and subscribe to running magazines, I even wear jewelry with running quotes or "13.1" on them. (hmmm maybe I'm a bit obsessive, note to self look into this...ha!).

What's my point, I did have one.....oh  yes! Comparison can be a tricky and unkind little weasel. It seeks up on you when you aren't paying attention and makes you feel less than you are. Unless you are some psycho-serial-killer you are likely pretty damn awesome. Don't compare or downsize all the incredible things you have done, be proud, stand tall and remember someone is always doing more than you but that doesn't take away from all you have and will do! (and if you are that serial-killer please stop reading my blog!!)

Have a great night,

P.S. The hubby is home from his epic camping/hiking trip apparently it rained the entire time.....since he was home I escaped for 6.25 miles this morning GLORIOUS!!!