Aug 30, 2014

Back on Track

Whew good thing I don't rely on my blog for income! I'd be on welfare! Ha!

The week before this last one (follow me?) I was rocking it! I trained well and felt strong, I even got in an unexpected 5 miles in on Sunday! I went out thinking I might squeeze out three miles but my body just kept going, it was lovely! That was my longest run since my half marathon in July!

This week has been a smidge harder, there are no classes at my gym this week as the instructors get a week of rest. Also the hubbs is off hiking for four days. Thankfully on Thursday one of my co-workers wanted to run with me! He had done a full marathon in the past but has been focusing mostly on strength training in the last few years. We got 5.26 solid miles in on one of my favorite trails before starting work!

I'm choosing not to be hard on myself though, I'm counting this as a restful week for me and we all need those from time to time. This week I've read (If I Stay, it's pretty good!), my house is clean and I've gotten a ton of snuggles from a certain three year old (who currently has his head on my shoulder as we watch Thomas the Train....again. I've also made some super yummy and healthy meals!

Next week's Workout Plan:
Monday: Run 3-5 (hubby should be home, freeeeeeedoooooom!)
Tuesday: Core and BodyFlow for 1hr total
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Run, likely around 3.5-4 before work
Friday: BodyFlow
Saturday: BodyPump or Run depending on how I feel
Sunday: Rest

Have a happy and safe long weekend!