Aug 3, 2014

So Far, So Good

After one post I already forgot about doing this. Ha! I'm not officially on a training plan yet but I'm committing to working out enough to maintain my current fitness level through winter so when I start training in March 2015 I'll be on track.

Right now that looks like lifting (BodyPump) at least once a week and running twice a week as life will allow. Last weekend I hiked 10 miles with the husband and did BodyPump, my favorite way to lift, on Thursday, yesterday I did a hike/jog 5k with a friend which was the hardest of my life! It was all straight up into the hot sun (over 90*).

This weeks game plan:

Wednesday 5:30 am Pump
Thursday 5:30 pm Run 3-5 miles
Saturday Lift with Husband (fat chance) or run solo

Also in about a week I'm starting a trail running class on Thursday evenings which is out of my comfort zone (and the reason I'm doing it!).

I have a few runs I'm eyeing also:

4 mile fun run

Muddy Run
Run at Work Day (I'm organizing this at my work, I'm hoping at least a 5k)

All Women's 5k
Pumpkin Run

Oncology Center Run
Turkey Day 8k

Happy Running!