Jul 28, 2014

Where to start? At the beginning, I suppose.

Why a Full Marathon? 

-A couple reasons; 
1.) Running is my "me time" having a goal helps me to schedule this time for myself with less guilt. Honestly, during my runs I pray, talk things out with God, listen to him and at the end of my run I have a peace that surpasses understanding. Running helps me love my life, even the difficult and not pretty parts (which we all have). 
2.) Over the last three years I've completed a half marathon every summer, I love-love-love it! The people, the event, the energy, even the training! It's one of a kind! I really believe I'll be a "one-and-done" full marathoner, so why not now?!
3.) During each of my half marathons I've raised money for the local children's shelter, so I'll continue doing that will a full marathon! 
4.) I read somewhere that .05% of the population ever finishes a full marathon, I'd like to count myself among that small percentage.

In the interest of full disclosure: I read a book "Onward!" about a woman who decided to do a full marathon and document it with a blog that became a book and that inspired this blog....I have no desire to publish a book and my posting will be random (I work full time, I'm married and raising a 3 year old, hello responsibilities!). I love the book and encourage you to read it. 

So here we go! I'll blog about how it's going, what I'm doing and learning along the way. 348 days to gooooo!

Much Love,