Aug 15, 2014

Where did the week go? A week without a plan....

Hello Again!

Ha! Where did that week go? It was a crazy one in my little slice of the world. I didn't really set up a workout plan for the week and that ended up being for the best, all of my workouts ended up being last minute options. That's not the way I like to roll but this time it worked out.

Monday: rest day, those are the hardest!
Tuesday: 4.25 miles near home in the evening, my hubby could tell I was dealing with some stress and booted me out the door. Love him!
Wednesday: rest day via surprise date with the hubby, I'm a lucky lady
Thursday: 4.25 glorious miles in a light rain!
Friday (today): likely mostly just walks with my 3 year old
Saturday: BodyPump one hour
Sunday: BodyFlow one hour

Those two runs this week saved my sanity. I'd really like this post to be upbeat and what-not but I'm just not a sugar-coat-it-kind-of-girl. Next time will be more upbeat, I promise.

Until then my little guy is up!